Why Be Strong-A-Thon?

Be Strong-A-Thon is a fundraising program that focuses on the three pillars of personal development: "Mind/Body/Character". This is a program that enables students to invite family and friends to sponsor them by pledging to donate for each minute students strengthen their mind, body, and character. This program is entirely flexible: it can be done at home or on campus. It includes independent or schoolwide exercise and reading minutes.

Here is a list of services every school receives with our program

  • Exciting and motivating 20-minute presentation to be shared with teachers and parents!
  • Customized school web page that allows friends and families to sponsor students or make flat pledges!
  • An online program that enables students to set a goal, track their minutes, and watch their prizes accumulate!
  • Free student prizes!
  • Custom prize letter!
  • Free teacher prizes!
  • Daily student videos that focus on Mind, Body, and Character development!
  • Shareable “Star Student” video!
  • Free shipping for prizes sent to the school!
  • Individual student labeling system!
  • No deposit is necessary to book your date!


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What kids say about Be Strong-A-Thon
"I learned how to set a goal and work hard."

"After I started reading, I couldn’t stop!"

"I never knew how important it was to have good character."

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