Basic Be Strong-A-Thon Information
Students will be exercising and/or reading daily. Students are encouraged to exercise or read for 15 minutes a day for 10 days.xxx

Registering Multiple Participants in The Same Family
You can register up to 5 children under one parent at the same time.

How are the prizes calculated and earned by each student?
Prizes are awarded to each student based on total points earned. There are two ways to earn points. 1) Earn 1 point for each $25 in Flat Donations, 2) Earn 1 point for each $0.25 per-minute pledge.

$50 Flat Donation = 2 points for prizes
$0.75 Per-minute Pledge = 3 points for prizes

What is a Per-minute Pledge?
A Per-minute Pledge is a small amount of money that is pledged for every minute the participant exercises and/or reads during the Be Strong-A-Thon 2-week pledge period (not to exceed 150 minutes).

How do I pay my Pledge?
You will receive a link to pay your pledge on the pledge request email sent by the participating student. After the fundraiser, a follow-up email will be sent to each per-minute sponsor informing them of the number of minutes the student exercised and/or read. The email will also include their total pledge amount.

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What kids say about Be Strong-A-Thon
"I learned how to set a goal and work hard."

"After I started reading, I couldn’t stop!"

"I never knew how important it was to have good character."

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